Why I started Ase'




Growing up I watched my mother struggle with her own hair issues. She wore wigs to cover her dry damaged hair. Then as I came of age, I too suffered with dry, brittle damaged hair. So, like my mother I opted for wigs and weaves. Not because I wanted to, but because my natural hair was damaged and would not grow using conventional hair products.

Once I became a nurse I began treating myself as if I were my own patient. I began researching alternative hair treatments for my own natural hair, my children’s and grandchildren’s hair as well. I would mix all natural ingredients to alleviate our dry hair and dandruff. I also stopped using chemicals. Then something amazing happened...for the first time in my life my hair started to grow.

I then became a travel nurse. As I traveled the country I encountered many women whom had the same hair problems I use to have. I would advise them on which natural products to use on their hair to encourage hydration and growth.

On one particular assignment, while shopping a lady began asking questions regarding some aloe vera I was purchasing. I explained to her that I used it in my natural hair products that I made for myself.  She then took off her wig and showed me her hair. She had bald patches and very damaged hair. I shared with her my own hair journey. 

I made a batch of my hair cream but hesitated, thinking the smell was too odd for other people. My youngest daughter encouraged me to include it in my sample pack for her. So I prayed about it and walked on faith. I gave her what is now Regular Ase’ and Super Ase’. She chose use the Super Ase’ first.

When her hair started to fill in a couple of weeks later, her confidence soared. The joy on her face was indescribable. She encouraged me to share my products with others. I did.

Then the testimonials started coming in. Their hair was growing, it was manageable, soft, patches and edges were filling in, on and on. Thus Ase’ Hair Care was born. 

In our community hair is strongly linked to self-esteem and self-image. As the old cliche states, “A woman’s hair is her crowning glory” I never want another woman to feel bad about herself because of hair. 



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