Ase' Oh So Dope Butter! It has soothed the pain in my tired old feet. Love it and recommend for your happiness too. It's Beyond Dope
Scott A Fadynich, husband of Linda Chorney 2x Grammy Nominated
Recording Artist
I absolutely lovvvee the strawberry body butter thank you
Rachel Royale, Singer, Writer, Director
The dope butter is dope!! I put on my feet at night. Smells fabulous, soothes and moisturizes my feet!!!
Sheri Pedigo, Singer, Triple Platinum SongWriter, Actress


"I have been using your cream since you sent it to me.. Now I wish I had some before pics, up to now.. I have a sew in and I been using it mainly around my edges and you know the hair that not in the braids... Girl!!! I see my edges and the hair that's not in braids got length... Thank you"...K.R.


"Thank you cuz this is definitely some hair crack. Ase' is growing my 23 year olds sides in, which has been gone since she was a teen. She used it, and in 2 weeks, spots of growth!  it's smells great and its a soft product. We love it."  A.L.


"Omg this is the bomb! How can I get more? I just love your hair product. It feels like its medicating my scalp."  S.H


"I finally used the oil, I love it."  S.K.


"This is the BEST product I've use by far!" A.L.

"Yesterday my heel was feeling very tender. I had went to get a pedicure and my foot was all cracked and peeling and had started burning.  The technician told me to put vaseline to moisturize it. I took my shower and went to bed. All of a sudden my foot started burning, so I reached and put some Ase' on my heel.  Instantly it stopped burning.  I went to sleep and when I woke up all the cracking on my heel was gone... A.M. 


"My edges are growing back.  Just love it. I threw all my other products away.  I just use Ase' now!  My scalp feels so good. Thanks."  A.C.


"My hair is the healthiest it's ever been since I cut all the dyed hair."  C.M.


"My scalp has always been dry. But not since I started using your hair oil" T.W 

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