Ase' Hair Care WonderGrow

Ase' Hair Care

Ase's BEST Seller - WonderGrow, because that's exactly what this creamy butter does! Twice the essential oils as the regular Ase’ Juicy Roots, this delicious smelling cream aids in filling in patches and loss of hair around the hair line (edges) due to alopecia, tight braids, loss of hair from ponytails and hair accessories. Promotes hair growth and added hydration to hair through plant based organic ingredients.

Maybe your hair doesn't have the elasticity you desire. Is your hair extremely dry? Then this is the cream for you. Ase' WonderGrow can help restore your hair and scalp back to health and began your hair growing the way you desire.

All natural ingredients such as organic unrefined shea butter, organic aloe vera juice, rosemary essential oil, jojoba essential oil and Moroccan Argan essential oil all work together to form this powerhouse hair growth cream. Now includes Black Castor Oil , Neem Oil and Black Seed Oil.  All of these beautiful oils nourish your scalp and suppress inflammation which leads to healthy hair growth

Rosemary has been used for ages to promote hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Jojoba oil coats the hair, locking in moisture. While the unrefined shea, extra virgin coconut oil and Moroccan Argan oil penetrates the actual hair shaft.

*Because of WonderGrow's strength it's not recommended for children.


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